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Customized Massage Therapy for Athletes

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Various massage therapy techniques are used to address your primary pain point while keeping in mind one muscle can affect the entire kinetic chain. Because of this, it is possible to provide solutions that improve training and decrease pain.

  1. Deep-Tissue/Trigger Point
    • Finding relief starts with finding where your pain begins
  2. Cupping Therapy
    • Loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system with negative pressure provided by Chinese cupping.
  3. Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Break down your scar tissue and fascial restrictions to regain function lost due to immobilization or repetitive strain.
  4. Functional Movement Techniques
    • Lest us screen your movements and patterns and help you relearn how to properly move your body.


Meet Eun Hwa

As an exercise/CrossFit and functional movement geek, I have an understanding of the demands, nuances and benefits of strength and functional training for performance and an enhanced quality of life. With therapeutic work, my primary concern is caring for your health and well-being by providing individualized treatment plans and solutions. Multiple results-driven modalities are used to address your goals with care and compassion. I’m a true believer that the best results are attained through a partnership.



  • For the last three years, I've had on and off issues with a herniated disc. In the spring I re-injured my back doing dead lifts and wasn't able to shake the pain and discomfort with my usual PT exercises. A guy at my gym recommended Eun Hwa; he was fascinated by the results he was getting from her. After trying other therapist and PT, I had nothing to loose by trying her out. Well, it paid off! Two days after seeing Eun Hwa, I was pain free. It had been the first time in 2 months since I had been able to get out of bed without moaning and even get out of my car comfortably. I was also able to work out without scaling my exercises. AND I learned that my pain was due to a trauma I had had on my toe!!! The most painful part of my therapy was when she worked on my pinky toe, not my back! I strongly recommend you using Therapy as Rx. --Emily C.
  • Absolutely amazing! Came in with shooting pains in my back and hip that she fixed in about 15 applying pressure to a completely different location. Can't say enough good stuff - worth every penny and then some! --Michelle N.
  • I had a constant nagging dull pain in my lower back from a past injury about 5 years ago. I felt a slight difference after the session and I thought well, at least she tried. I didn't notice the impact until later when I was picking up my son and I braced myself for the pain; I felt nothing. No tightness, no pinching. I realize her techniques are not just for the short term relief, but what you learn biologically and mechanically compounds over time. Eun Hwa teaches you why you feel/move this way and how to correct it. If you are serious about recovery and moving well, look no further than Therapy As RX.

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